Our Mission

To create theatre where audience and artists share passion for the play.

Our Vision

A world where theatre is part of everyone’s life.

Our Identity and Our Promise

We are Pro Rata: we create smart, vivid, varied, and gutsy programming. As an audience member, you’ll be part of moving, thought-provoking theatre.

Who We Are

The Artistic Company
The Board of Directors
The Artists

Our Core Values

To each of us: a foundation in the play, a pursuit of creative excellence, and a continuation of curiosity.

We love the play.

We translate the playwright’s vision in every production.
We look for stories that speak to a darker and deeper truth about who we are.
We work outside the realm of genre in order to realize our stories.
We choose scripts that have a societal, political, moral, or ethical underpinning.
We give the audience something to take away and artists to sink their teeth into.
We produce every show to the best of our abilities within our means.

We want you to love the play as much as we do.