Good Woman of Setzuan

By Bertolt Brecht (translation by Eric Bentley)
Directed by Carin Bratlie
Oct 26-Nov 10, 2013
Performed at Intermedia Arts

Love in a market economy.

The town of Setzuan has only one inhabitant who is truly good—the prostitute, Shen Te—and the gods decide to grant her a better life as a test of her kindness. The town soon takes advantage of her generosity, and every new blessing that comes to Shen Te threatens to reduce her to a mere commodity. She creates Shui Ta, a cold and unfeeling alter-ego, to enact the awful decisions she cannot. But balance is not easily kept, it is impossible to please everybody, and Shen Te will literally be put on trial by the gods for the sin of being nothing more than human.

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Elephant’s Graveyard

By George Brant
Directed by Amber Bjork
Feb 15-Mar 2, 2014
Performing at Nimbus Theater

Nobody else in the world is hanging an elephant tonight.

1916. There was a town, a circus, and Mighty Mary–the largest land mammal the nation had ever seen. The new trainer couldn’t control her, and Mary killed. The townspeople called out for her destruction, and the circus complied. What followed was a tragic execution—an elephant hung on a railway crane—which silenced a population. Based on the historical events that still stain the town of Erwin, Tennessee, Elephant’s Graveyard is the cautionary tale of American ingenuity in all its amazing and terrible splendor.

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Twelfth Night

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Carin Bratlie
June 6-22, 2014
Performing on the Coast of Illyria (aka outdoors in the Twin Cities)

Orsino loves Olivia, who will not let him woo. Viola washes up on their shore from a shipwreck and disguises herself as a boy. Viola falls in love with Orsino. Olivia falls in love with Viola. Olivia’s servants convince one of their own—Malvolio—that Olivia is in love with him. Viola’s twin brother, Sebastian, is mistaken for Viola. Orsino pines for love. Olivia assails with hers. Viola dodges advances and Malvolio makes himself a spectacle. A ring, a fool, and yellow stockings end up in the mix, and the Coast of Illyria has never seen a spree of lunacy like this.

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