Cat’s Paw

by William Mastrosimone

The Gremlin Theatre
September 10 – 25, 2011

The revolution will be edited for television.

In a bunker somewhere under Washington D.C., a bomb is being constructed. A hostage is bound. A reporter is ushered in. Martyrs will be made by force and lives will be advanced by obsession. In the great stand-off between terrorism and media, between motive and message, between sincerity and manipulation…one man has a master plan. And that man will win.

The Cast

Victor – David Beukema
Jessica – Katherine Kupiecki
Cathy – Katie Willer
Mr. Darling – Nathan Tylutki

The Crew

Director – Carin Bratlie *
Set/Lighting Designer – Julia Carlis *
Assistant Set Designer/Scenic Artist – Abbee Warmboe
Sound Designer – Katharine Horowitz
Costume Designer – Mandi Johnson *
Props Designer – Sarah Salisbury
Stage Manager – Sarah Bauer
Dramaturg – Christine “Kit” Gordon
Directing Observer – Grant Henderson *
Graphic Designer – Kris Heding
Photographer – Charlie Gorrill

* Theatre Pro Rata Company Member

The Press

“Such an urgent inquiry is ideally suited for Theatre Pro Rata, a group distinguished by its knack for finding the contemporary vitality in each of its productions.” –  City Pages “A List”

“This prescient play is the sort of work Theatre Pro Rata does best: daring, honest, and brutal.” – Mpls. St. Paul Magazine “Top 10” Fall Arts Preview

“Bratlie is an actor’s director, drawing out four strong performances…David Beukema effectively captures the play’s ambiguities…Katherine Kupiecki’s Jessica matches his intensity and commitment, and their scenes together crackle.” – Star Tribune

“Many of the production elements display an acute attention to detail and a full commitment to the work’s difficult subject matter…the atmospheric element of the pre-show radio broadcast readies the audience for an immersive experience. …Theater Pro Rata presents a well-staged and thought-provoking production.” – Aisle Say Twin Cities

“This production offers an absorbing story and concept right from the beginning. As the characters’ pasts get turned inside out, and violence turns on itself, the build to its powerful conclusion is oddly satisfying.” – How Was The Show

“Absolutely riveting…you can’t take your eyes off of it…the performances are all great. Director Carin Bratlie and her cast are plugged directly into this script in a major way. It’s gotten under their skin, and it’ll probably get under the skin of the people watching it as well.” – TC Daily Planet

City Pages Interview with Carin Bratlie
TC Theater Connection 9/11/11 Post-Show Discussion

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