The Life of Galileo

by Bertolt Brecht; translation by David Hare.

Gremlin Theatre
April 4 – 19, 2009

He showed us the universe. The church showed him the rack.

The scientist must choose between his life’s work and his life when confronted by the Inquisition. Brecht’s masterpiece is the story of how one man moved the earth and showed us the universe, and in return the Church showed him the rack.

The Cast

Noë Tallen – Galileo Galilei, a frontier guard
Eva Nelson – Andrea Sarti, a senator, a monk, a clerk, the rector
Valerie Rigsbee – Virginia Galilei, a philosopher, a monk, a guard
Julie Ann Nevill – Signora Sarti, senator, the Cardinal Inquisitor
Clarence Wethern – Signor Priuli, Cosimo de Medici, the Little Monk, Cardinal Bellarmin
Erik Hoover – Federzoni, a cardinal, Cardinal Barberini, an official
Megan Engeseth – Sagredo, a mathematician, Clavius, a clerk, Vanni, a peasant
James Lekvin – Ludvico, a chamberlain, an astronomer, a man, a monk

The Crew

Director – Carin Bratlie *
Lighting Designer – Stephanie Drinkard +
Sound Designer – Katharine Horowitz
Costume Designer – Mandi Johnson
Set Designer – Carin Bratlie *
Stage Manager – Michelle Haugerud
Asst. Director – Natalie Novacek *#
Graphic Designer – Kris Heding +
Props Designer – Andy Chambers +
Dramaturg – Jennifer Tworzynaski
Assistant Stage Manager – Katrina Johnston
Movement Coach – Erik Hoover
Directing Observer – Michael Mellas
Marketing Intern – Scott Helmer

* Theatre Pro Rata Company Member
+ Theatre Pro Rata Resident Artist
# Associate Member Society of Stage Directors & Choreographers

The Press

“To her considerable credit, one quickly forgets she is a woman playing a man. …This relatively young cast… deftly portrays matters that have shaken the consciousness of nations.” – City Pages

“Ambitious… aptly demonstrated… frighteningly effective… a touching performance…” – Star Tribune

“Tallen brings humanity to the role of this historical figure… well worth seeing” – How Was The Show

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