Goodbye Cruel World

by Robert Ross Parker, directed by Andrew Chambers
March 11-26, 2017
Performing at The Crane Theater

But it’s for a good cause!

Penniless and jobless, Semyon makes an offhand remark about dying following a marital spat over leftovers. Soon half the town thinks he has announced his intent to end his life. As word spreads, an increasingly ridiculous series of power brokers urges him to commit the deed in the name of their own ignoble causes. Based on “The Suicide” by Nikolai Erdman–a satire banned by Stalin on the eve of its premiere and written by a man who would be exiled for writing it–this colloquial adaptation begs us to consider who is the highest bidder when a man has nothing to lose.

The CastGoodbye Cruel World postcard

Semyon Semyonovich Podsekalnikov – Derek Meyer
Maria Lukianovna Podsekalnikov – Elizabeth Efteland
Serafima Illinichna – Katie Kaufmann
Alexander Petrovich Kalabushkin – Ben Tallen +
Margarita Ivanovna Peresvetova – Katie Kaufmann
Aristarch Dominikovich Gran-Skubic – James Ramlet
Eygorushka Timofeyovich – Edwin Strout
Pugachov – Edwin Strout
Father Elpidi – Derek Meyer, Elizabeth Efteland, Ben Tallen +, and Edwin Strout
Viktor Viktorovich – Katie Kaufmann
Cleopatra Maximovna – Katie Kaufmann
Raisa Filipovna – Elizabeth Efteland
Oleg Leonidovich – Derek Meyer
Old Neighbor Woman – Edwin Strout
Young Boy – Elizabeth Efteland
Kostya – Edwin Strout
Undertaker 1 – Edwin Strout
Undertaker 2 – James Ramlet
Undertaker 3 – Ben Tallen +
Suspicious Fellow 1 – James Ramlet
Suspicious Fellow 2 – Ben Tallen +
Tailor – Derek Meyer

The Crew

Director – Andrew Chambers +
Stage Manager – Clara Costello +
Set Designer – Brian Hesser
Lighting Designer – Jon Kirchhofer
Costume Design – Mandi Johnson +
Prop Designer – Corinna Troth
Sound Designer – Jacob M. Davis +

+Theatre Pro Rata Company Member

The Press

“a winning production”
“Andrew Chambers keeps this plate of hot peppers cooking at full steam for its entire 100 minutes”
“The company works splendidly together as an ensemble”
“In spite of the often hilarious text and staging, Goodbye Cruel World offers nutritious food for thought.” –Talkin’ Broadway

“great energy and physicality”
“the show is just the right amount of fun and hijinks” –Cherry and Spoon

City Pages recommends the show, calling it “much anticipated”.


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Photography by: Charles Gorrill

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