Lovers & Executioners

By John Strand, based on the work of Antoine Jacob de Montfleury
Directed by Carin Bratlie
September 29 – October 14, 2012
Performing at The Gremlin Theatre

‘Til death do us part.

Betrayed by the man she loved most and then left on a desert island condemned to die, Julie returns not as a ghost but in guise of a man to exact humiliation and vengeance on her husband. In the vein of the most elegant Restoration comedies, her return to society is hailed by a web of would-be lovers, long-kept secrets, swordplay, foolish courting, and humble submission. With a new adaptation by John Strand this otherwise traditional farce holds a retinue of modern emotion and a starkly surprising finale. Hell hath no fury like a woman in drag… with a sword.

The Cast

Julie/Fredric – Noe Tallen
Bernard – Andy Chambers *
Constance – Amber Bjork *
Don Lope – Jesse Corder
Guzman – Grant Henderson *
Beatrice – Katie Willer
Octavius – Ben Tallen *

The Crew

Director – Carin Bratlie *
Stage Manager – Alyssa Stafne
Set Designer – Julia Carlis *
Lighting Designer – Brent Anderson
Costume Designer – Mandi Johnson *
Sound Designer – Jake Davis
Props Designer – Amy Bouthilette
Fight Choreographer: Adam Scarpello
Graphic Designer – Joel Starkey
Photographer – Charlie Gorrill
Audio Describer – Michelle Storm
ASL Interpreter – Christy Broll
ASL Interpreter – Katie Johnson

*Theatre Pro Rata Company Member

The Press

“An ambitious production that’s frothy and fun.” “…a free-and-easy modern sensibility that makes it very accessible to today’s audiences.” –Star Tribune

“The actors invest heavily in their characters, making even the most ludicrous creatures have motivation and life.” The costumes and wigs are “sumptuous”, “brilliant” and “help bring the era to life”. –City Pages

“It’s definitely a show worth attending, especially if you are in the mood for a little escapism and fun.” –TC Daily Planet

Star Tribune Spotlight
City Pages Spotlight
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Fun Stuff

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