by Mary Zimmerman.

Loading Dock Theater
March 21 – April 6, 2008

Love, Transformation and Coming Home

“Ancient myths are really not about someone going out but someone trying to get home, like Odysseus coming back from exile. It’s the story of being taken away from where we think our home is; it’s like being taken from ourselves. This play depicts many different journeys home. Sometimes, home is not where it was originally expected. Sometimes, it’s a long and arduous journey. Sometimes, we have only the memory of home and wholeness. But ultimately, our heart, our love, and our home are inexorably intertwined. Sometimes this moment of metamorphoses can be so excruciating but then it can produce something new. As individuals and as a people, we’ve suffered incredible disasters and transforming events, and yet the story goes on, the narrative goes on. Humans have always liked to tell stories, and stories keep continuing. Narrative always continues. Even though we die, these stories continue and tie all of us together in our human experience. Life equals change, it equals loss. And you have to embrace it. The entire play is about love and its effect on our every day lives; its magical, transformative quality.”

– From Bill Moyer’s interview with Mary Zimmerman for NOW, 3/22/02

The Cast

Midas, Orpheus, and others – Zach Curtis
Aphrodite, Hunger, and others – Emma Gochberg
Zeus, Erysichthon and others – James Lekvin
Silenus, Eros, and others – Daniel Joeck
Euydice, Baucis, and others – Julie Ann Nevill
Ceyx, Apollo, and others – Keith Prusak
Myrrha, Midas’ Daughter, and others – Jen Rand
Pomona, Therapist, and others – Heather Stone
Alcyone, Ceres, and others – Noë Tallen

The Crew

Director – Carin Bratlie
Stage Manager – Katie Oliver
Asst. Director/Props Designer – Natalie Novacek
Movement Coach – Erik Hoover
Lighting Designer – Stephanie Drinkard
Scenic Designer – Jenna Lory
Costume Designer – Erinn Huntley
Sound Designer – Julie Johnson
Fight Choreography – Daniel Joeck, Erik Hoover, Natalie Novacek
Asst. Stage Manager – Lydia Bolder
Graphic Design – Kris Heding
Composers – Carin Bratlie, Keith Prusak
Marketing Manager – Carin Leonard-Gorrill
Photographer – Charlie Gorrill
Scenic Artists – Carin Bratlie, Emma Gochberg, Katie Oliver, Natalie Novacek, Jen Rand
Set and Pool Construction – Nic Abrego, Carin Bratlie, Julia Carlis, Brian Fank, Michael Hinds, Daniel Joeck, Jenna Lory, Brandon Miller, Julie Ann Nevill, Natalie Novacek, Katie Oliver, David Pisa, Dave Pust, Keith Prusak, Alina Ray, Jen Rand, Ben Tallen, Noë Tallen, Chris Thompson

The Press

“Glorious…marvelous…vivid” – Star Tribune
“Crisp” – City Pages
Lavender Magazine (Interview with Carin Bratlie)
MinnPost (Feature)
“Fresh and engaging” – Talkin’ Broadway
“Big splash production” – The Rake
Lavender names Metamorphoses one of the top 10 productions of 2008

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