by Daniel MacIvor.

The Southern Theater
2009 Minnesota Fringe Festival
July 30 – August 9, 2009

A box of body parts. Some assembly required.

There’s a cardboard box full of bloody body parts stamped “Some Assembly Required,” a young boy in the shadows with a hacksaw, and a stereo that plays “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” relentlessly. In Monster, Christopher Kehoe seamlessly transitions through 15 characters telling the story of a young man who recalls the story of a neighbor who hacked his father to pieces in the basement which has been made into a film about a young boy who hacks his father to pieces in the basement which was seen by the future parents of a young man who happens to hack his father to pieces in the basement.

The Cast

Christopher Kehoe

The Crew

Director – Natalie Novacek * #
Sound Designer – Katharine Horowitz
Stage Manager – Sarah Bauer
Graphic Designer – Kris Heding +
Assistant Stage Manager – Jackie O’Shea

* Theatre Pro Rata Company Member
+ Theatre Pro Rata Resident Artist
# Associate Member Society of Stage Directors & Choreographers

Presented by special arrangement with International Creative Management.

The Press

“Electrifying…compelling…a Fringe triumph…” – Fringe Festival Reviews

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The Fun Stuff

Press Release

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