Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

by Tom Stoppard

Loading Dock Theater
September 9 – October 2, 2005

The Cast

Hamlet – Joseph Papke
Claudius – Keith Prusak
Gertrude – Maggie Bearmon Pistner
Voice of Old Hamlet – Stephen Pelinski
Polonius – Kevin Carnahan
Laertes – Nate Schroeder
Ophelia – Jaimi Page
Horatio – Zach Morgan
Rosencrantz – Edward Linder
Guildenstern – Jonathan Peterson
Marcellus, Gravedigger – Andrew Chambers
Lead Player – Sam L. Landman
Player Queen – Carin Leonard-Gorrill
Voltemand – Erin Appel
Osric – Greg Bauhof
Francisco, Reynaldo, Player, Norwegian Captain – David “Rudi” Utter
Barnardo, Priest – Jerome Yorke, Jr.
Player, Gravedigger’s Companion, English Ambassador – Heather Stone
Body of Old Hamlet, Sailor/Alfred – Christopher Kehoe
Fortinbras – Derek Miller
Ensemble in Hamlet – Amelia English, Brian Hesser, Amber Rose Smith, Joe Swanson

The Crew

Director – Carin Bratlie
Stage Manager – Sarah Bauer
Set Designer – Zach Morgan
Lighting Designer – Stephanie Drinkard
Sound Designer – Katharine Horowitz
Costume Designer – Jeannine Coulombe
Asst. Stage Manager/Props Designer – Lindsey Ingles
Text Coach – Joseph Papke
Fight Choreographer – Greg Bauhof
Fencing Coach – Cliff Iverson
Graphic Design – Edward Linder
Seamstress – Diana Bratlie

The Press

“A certain delicacy is required. This production provides it” – City Pages
“Kudos to Pro Rata for not only tackling both at once, but succeeding in their goal” – Talkin’ Broadway

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