Slag Heap

by Anton Dudley

Loading Dock Theater
March 25 – April 16, 2006

The Cast

Ashley – Amber Bjork
Dave – Joseph Papke
Fran – Zoe Benston
Donna – Jennifer J. Phillips
Darwin – Gabriel Llanas
Natalie – Amber Rose Smith

Voice of Dennis – Zach Morgan
Voice of Reporter – John Heimbuch
Voices of Policemen – Mike Postle, Keith Prusak, David Utter

The Crew

Director – Carin Bratlie
Stage Manager – Sarah Bauer
Scenic Designer – Zach Morgan
Sound Designer/Assistant Director – Katharine Horowitz
LIghting Designer – Stephanie Drinkard
Costume Designer – Andrea Gross
Props Designer/Assistant Stage Manager – Jodi Trotta
Dialect Coach – Joseph Papke
Movement Coach – Dylan Fresco
Makeup Designer – Crist Ballas
Fight Director – Don Preston
Graphic Design – Edward Linder
Graffiti Artist – Alex Davis

The Press

“As vivid as they come” – City Pages
“Riveting gutter theater” – Talkin’ Broadway
“An outstanding young cast” – Star Tribune

The Fun Stuff

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