Spanish Tragedy

by Thomas Kyd

The Gremlin Theatre
March 13 – 28, 2010

Where words prevail not…violence prevails.

Penned a decade before Hamlet, Kyd’s sensational story is said to be its greatest influence. Noted as the first true revenge tragedy, this gripping cat-and-mouse game is a wronged father’s quest for justice for his murdered son complete with ghosts, vengeance, violence, an innocent woman driven to madness, and a play-within-a-play used to trap a murderer.

The Cast

Erik Hoover – Andrea, deputy, 1st watch
Ariana Prusak – Revenge, Isabella, 2nd watch
Ryan Henderson – Horatio, 3rd watch, hangman
Keith Prusak – Heironimo
Aaron Greer – Duke of Castile
Andy Chambers – King of Spain +
Clarence Wethern – Lorenzo
Amber Bjork – Bel-Imperia +
Ben Layne – Viceroy of Portugal
Grant Henderson – Balthazar
Valerie Rigsbee – Pedringano, Ambassador to Portugal
Anissa Brazill – Villuppo, Serberine, Spanish General
Shannon Troy Jones – Alexandro, Christophil
Danielle Siver – Page, maid to Isabella

+ Theatre Pro Rata Company Member

The Crew

Julia Carlis – Lighting Designer
Mandi Johnson – Costume Designer
Sarah Holmberg – Props Designer
Ryan Ripley – Sound Designer
Kit Gordon – Dramaturg
Lydia Bolder – Stage Manager +
Brian Hesser – Fight Choreographer
Kris Heding – Graphic Designer +
Charlie Gorrill – Photographer
Jimmy LeDuc – Directing Observer

+ Theatre Pro Rata Company Member

The Press

“…a giddy, blood-soaked amusement park of a story that careens wildly from dark humor to romance to one outrageous killing after the next.” – TC Daily Planet
“…a fascinating slice of dramatic history…” – Pioneer Press
“…still resonates today.” – Lavender Magazine
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“As we end Women’s History Month catch woman director Carin Bratlie’s crisp staging of The Spanish Tragedy by Thomas Kyd. It matches Elizabethan language with emotion. Clarence Wethern crackles as the villainous Lorenzo. He’s a cross between Carl Rove and Rahm Emmanuel. And fine performances by Erik Hoover and Ariana Prusak as spirit characters. This violent production benefits from cross gender casting.” -John Townsend on KFAI’s Fresh Fruit, March 25, 2010.

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