T Bone N Weasel

by Jon Klein
The Gremlin Theatre
March 3 – 18, 2012

I ain’t sure, but this might just be a parole violation.

Weasel are fresh out of jail and on the road to a new life, new choices, new luck. Until their attempt at knocking over a liquor store for easy money is thwarted… and then that luck goes south, those choices are always the wrong ones, and their lives become dependent on their unlikely partnership. Sidestepping prejudice, outrunning the law, and shaking a crab or two out of a pant leg, they hustle their way across South Carolina, looking for an honest break.

The Cast

Weasel – Mark Benzel
T Bone – Theo Langason
Mr. Fergus / Happy Sam / Reverend Gluck /
Lemuel Clayborne / Verna Mae Beaufort /
Officer Klamp / Doc Tatum / Brother Tim /
Raincoat – Ben Tallen *

The Crew

Director – Amber Bjork *
Lighting Designer – Julia Carlis *
Costume Designer – Mandi Johnson *
Set Designer – Zach Morgan
Props Designer – Lydia Bolder *
Sound Designer – Jake Davis
Stage Manager – Steve Soler
Assistant Stage Manager – Neal Skoy
Producer – Carin Bratlie *
Dramaturg – Christine “Kit” Gordon
Graphic Designer – Kris Heding
Photographer – Charlie Gorrill

* Theatre Pro Rata Company Member

The Press

“The whole production hums along like a well-oiled, and very entertaining, machine… T Bone N Weasel is a smarter than average comedy, exploring volatile issues with a light touch, and welcome good humor. It’s a genuinely enjoyable evening. It’s another fine Theatre Pro Rata production of a play that should count itself lucky that it fell into their hands.” – TC Daily Planet

“Fast-paced … Klein’s script is sharp. Langason especially excels in his role, splitting his time between rage and the uncertain friendship he has forged with his counterpart. Benzel’s loose-limbed Weasel certainly acts as the comic focus, but his eventual understanding of the fury that fuels his friend gives the show an unexpected, and terrific, emotional heft.” – City Pages

“Theatre Pro Rata gives this play a solid and entertaining production. Amber Bjork’s direction is snappy and focused… inventive and amusing.” – Star Tribune

“Jon Klein‘s endlessly amusing tale … remains relevant, and provides great pleasure. Ms. Bjork has staged this ultra-cinematic play with assurance… This production moves briskly and always entertains. Mark Benzel is perfect as the hyper Weasel. … As T Bone, Theo Langason‘s smoldering, hulking, bearded presence provides excellent counterpoint.” – How Was The Show

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