Waiting for Godot

by Samuel Beckett

The Hollywood Theatre
July 8 – 23, 2011

Nothing to be done.

Vladimir and Estragon fill their days as painlessly as they can, waiting for Godot, who will explain their lives or put an end to them. A brutal man of means comes leading a weakling slave. They talk. Godot fails to arrive. Every day a child comes and puts off the big arrival until tomorrow.

The Cast

Vladimir – Dave Gangler
Estragon – James Rodriguez
Pozzo – David Tufford
Lucky – Jesse Corder
Boy – Hazel Cutting

The Crew

Director/Set Designer – Ryan Ripley
Directing Observer – Matt Alto
Stage Manager – Al Broeffle
Producer – Carin Bratlie *
Costume Designer – Marit Ripley
Graphic Designer – Kris Heding *

* Theatre Pro Rata Company Member

The Press

“Brisk and energetic… This Godot moves.” – How Was The Show

“If you think Beckett’s not your thing, see Theatre Pro Rata’s production of Waiting For Godot. If anything’s gonna make a convert out of you, these folks will.” – TC Daily Planet

“Bleak, bleak, bleak… Which is just as it should be.” – Star Tribune

“Gangler and Rodriguez make for an effective duo… the characters really come alive when they begin to plumb the depths of their collective despair only to be saved by the friendship that has kept them coming back to this field, day after day, for years on end.” – City Pages

“A perfect setting… Ripley and his company do not squander the opportunity. … Seemingly unencumbered by the fact that they are performing an Important Play, Gangler and Rodriguez seem capable of and content in living in the play moment to moment, seizing small joys when they come.” –  Twincities.com

“Terrific… disheveled and ragged… perfect.” – Star Tribune

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